PAPER copies of an ELLCT newsletter have been distributed to all households in the area.

However, due to challenges and costs of delivering physical bulletins over the large area covered by the ELLCT the vast majority of trust communications will come via the trust’s website and social media.

Click the pic to view the Bulletin

That means the onus is on YOU – residents and business owners in the area – to keep abreast of what’s happening, stay informed and take part in the conversation.

To make that a little easier, the ELLCT is starting an email list and will contact members with regular emailouts.

“We’re aware that there may be some people in the area that do not have internet access,” says ELLCT trustee Margaret McDonald. “But we hope that friends or neighbours will share information with those who can’t access the web.”

Please join the mailing list here –and remember you can interact with and follow the ELLCT on Facebook and Twitter.

• you can download and print  a copy of the ELLCT Bulletin here.