Although things appear quiet, work carries on behind the scenes. Here’s the lowdown on some current  activities:

  • Footpath: After years of being passed from pillar to post on where responsibilities lie for the footpath between Drymen and Balmaha, Stirling Council has responded and confirmed an area inspector will assess the path to establish see what action is required and identify who is responsible.
    The trustees acknowledge the support from National Park officials in getting this response.
  • Balmaha car park: Stirling Council has requested a seventh extension to the decision date deadline which now set for December 2023.
    This is to help the council further understand several points in the ELLCT’s business plan. Just Enterprise has come on board to assist the trust in responding to these points.
  • Christmas tree: Thanks to an award from Buchanan Community Hydro Society (BCHS), ELLCT will source a Christmas tree and lights to be sited in Milton of Buchanan. A community event will be organised for switch on of the lights.
  • Local place plan: Following the recent survey further community meetings will be held to discuss the priorities that have emerged.
  • Annual general meeting: The trust AGM will be held in coming months and it’s hoped as many many members off the community will attend.